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R & D Center

research center


Address: No.292 Jiefang Street,Shouning County, Fujian Province,China .

Technological superiority

Location:Home > R & D Center > Technological superiority

Research results

Research direction

Research Condition

Key laboratory of Fujian

X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer, X-Ray diffraction instrument, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, Malvern laser particle size analyzer, colorimeter, carbon - sulfur analyzer, magnetic materials analyzer, electron microscope, flame spectrophotometer, energy spectrometer,   high temperature sintering furnace, mechanical testing instrument, specific gravity and  porosity ratio testing instrument, ultrasonic sieving instrument, slaping sifting machine etc.; chemical analysis laboratory and chemical synthesis lab etc.;

Powder Laboratory:

Ceramic Laboratory:

Casting Laboratory:

Research Funds

The last ten years, the company's R & D funding average annually is 3.3% of the total sales turnover of the company, and the company set up the R & D special funds, which provide adequate funding for R & D centers.

Research project

Oxygen sensor with yttrium stabilized zirconia
Titanium dioxide with electronic grade
Zirconium corundum abrasive materials