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Single crystal fused aluminum is a new heatproof abrasive material which has excellent anti-crushing performance. Special advanced technologies have been adopted and alumina has been taken as raw material to produce the product. Then a process of smelting, hydrolyzing and pulverizing has been used. Its particle is composed of a single crystal, which has excellent mechanical properties, greater mechanical strength, good polygonal cutting edge, high hardness and toughness. It has superior performance, and its quality has ranked at the international advanced level.

The product is mainly applied in manufacturing of abrasive tools. The product has excellent heat resistance, and does not become overheated during its grinding process. It is suitable for grinding materials of high hardness and wear intensity particularly, such as for polishing and grinding the high-grade cars and pianos. 

This product was listed in one of 〝Key and New Products of Fujian Province〞. The research project of 〝Single Crystal Fused Aluminum Particle〞 was awarded as one of〝Key Project of  the National Torch Programs〞 by the Science and Technology Ministry of China. The National Granularity Standard or Japanese Industrial Standard is implemented. 

Particle-size: F20,F24,F30,F36,F46,F54,F60,F70,F80,F90,F100,F120,F150,F180,F220;The national granularity standard or Japanese industrial standard is implemented.

Packaging: The product of net weight 1000kg is supplied in a double-layer plastic woven bag which is sealed with plastic liners. The product of net weight 20kg is supplied in a craft bag or as customers demand.