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2016 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference convened grandly

Time 2017-01-23 | View 110

2016 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference convened grandly

        The monkey bid farewell to the outgoing year, the golden pheasant welcome the spring. It is a year -- Review and Prospect of Sanxiang Adanced Materials 2016 annual work summary and commendation conference was held grandly on January 23, 2017, all Sanxiang people gather together to make the inventory of the achievements and shortcomings of 2016, honor the excellent people, planning the strategies and goals of 2017, showing the characteristics of Sanxiang spirit.

        The conference began with the beautiful and passionate singing of the song of Harmonious and Beautiful Sanxiang, our deputy general manager-Yang Hui took charge of the conference. The first item on the agenda is to honor the outstanding staff of 2014-2016 year, and the advanced collective, advanced individual, excellent salesman and post pacesetter, who made outstanding contributions in 2016, and awarded the certificates; the second item on the agenda: honoring the innovation award and the patent award in 2016; the third item on the agenda: aiding the difficult workers financially; the fourth item on the agenda: awarding representative made a speech; the fifth item on the agenda:  the new employee representative, plant representative and representative of the marketing department made a speech; the sixth item on the agenda: signing the "Annual Safe Production Responsibility of 2017".

        Finally, the chairman and general manager-Xia Peng made a concluding statement, he profoundly analyzed the current situation and tasks that we are faced, planed the work in 2017, put forward the “four plus four” requirement to all employees, encouraging employees to uphold the spirit of innovation vigorously, strengthen internal management, strong quality internally, develop the market outside, achieve the double promotion of the brand reputation and brand value, promote the sustainable development of  our company. Chairman Xia stressed that Sanxiang will realize the sustained and rapid growth in 2017 by the capital platform, establish the mechanism of creating, sharing and win-win, cohering all Sanxiang people to roll up the sleeves and work harder!

        Looking forward to 2017, Sanxiang advanced materials will be developed more brilliantly, Sanxiang people will continue to adhere to the operation philosophy of "Create new materials and experience a new life", to write a new chapter, to create a new miracle.。