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Training activity "how to be a qualified staff"

Time 2016-09-03 | View 61

       On September 3rd, our company organized training of  "how to be a qualified staff", invited teacher- Li Changxiao, who is from Ningde small and Medium Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. The minister, factory director, director, monitor, technical staff, total 120 staff participated in the training. All seats are occupied on the training site. We learned and progressed in the warm and entertaining atmosphere, enhancing the cohesion and sense of belonging.
  Our company has always attached great importance to personnel training, and is committed to build a team in line with the needs of strategic planning. This training keep consistency with the development of our company on thinking and action, make the workers’ faith dedication, diligent in learning, bold innovation, dare to bear, to meet the company’s higher requirements to the workers under the new situation.