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2016 Sanxiang“Undergraduate Award Fund Ceremony” was held grandly.

Time 2016-08-20 | View 69

  In the afternoon of August 20th, Sanxiang “Undergraduate Award Fund Ceremony”was held in No.1 middle school of Shouning, more than 160 Shouning nationality students studied in local and recruited by the national universities and colleges undergraduate were rewarded.

  In order to stimulate the learning enthusiasm of Shouning nationality students, enhance their emothion of loving hometown and returning home, Sanxiang advanced materials began the  "Sanxiang Undergraduate Award Fund" in 1992, now it has been going on for 24 years. Sanxiang’s behavior has become a model and banner to support education in Shouning.

  Part of photos as follows:

Chairman’s speech

Awarding scholarship

Students to be commended

Photos of All participants