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Ningde Table Tennis Association "Sanxiang Cup” table tennis competition was held successfully!

Time 2016-08-28 | View 54

On August 27 and 28, 2016, Fujian National Fitness games , that is Ningde Table Tennis Association "Sanxiang Cup” table tennis competition was successfully held in Youth Activity center of Shouning County.

The competition is hosted by Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd,  undertook by Ningde Table Tennis Association and Shouning Culture and Sports Bureau of press and publication, co-organized by Shouning Table Tennis Association and Ningde Dongsheng Real Estate Co., Ltd.  The events are mixed groups, male and female singles of cadres of department and section rank.

The tournament attracted Ningde counties teams and Sanxiang teams, Fu'an She ethnic Economic Development Zone teams, Dongsheng estate teams, etc. total 12 teams 72 athletes participating in mixed groups, 35 athletes participating in singles competition of department and section rank.

After fierce competition, the championship of mixed group is Sanxiang teams, the second is Gutian teams, the third is Xiapu teams, the forth is  Fu'an She ethnic Economic Development Zone teams, the fifth is Fuding teams, the sixth is Jiaocheng teamsy. The champion of men's singles is Yao Shengyong, the second is Chen Shourong, the third is Huang Deyan, the fourth and fifth are Ye Mingxiang, Cai Zehan, Liu Bigui, Xia Peng, Wang Xiaoxun. The championship of women's singles is Xie Yonghua, the second is Yuan Deai, the third is Li Shuying.