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Congratulations to Mr. Xia Peng-our chairman and general manager, was awarded “the sixteenth session excellent entrepreneur of Fujian province”

Time 2016-08-03 | View 59

On 3 August 2016, the meeting “the sixteenth session excellent entrepreneur of Fujian province” was held in Fuzhou, Mr. Xia Peng-our chairman and general manager of Sanxiang advanced materials Co., Ltd. was awarded “the sixteenth session excellent entrepreneur of Fujian province” .

Since the establishment of Sanxiang in 1991, Mr. Xia Peng’s outstanding leadership, lead all staff work hard in unity, overcome difficulties, made a breakthrough in the innovation of science and technology and R & D, develop the company from a small township factory producing a single product to a listed company of producing fused zirconia, casting modified materials and single crystal fused aluminum etc. high-tech advanced materials, the production scale ranks among the forefront of the same industry, maKe a significant contribution to promote the local economy sustaining rapid development and social progress.

The twice a year of selection " Fujian outstanding entrepreneurs" organized by the Fujian enterprises and Entrepreneurs Association. There are a total of 98 outstanding entrepreneur in the 16th session, elected from more than 150 candidates. The commendation meet aims to promote the entrepreneurs’ spirit of deepening reform, scientific management, keeping up with the times, being courage to innovation and pioneering , driving the entrepreneurs’ spirit to do in advance, working hard to win, to make contributions and progresses for promoting Fujian industrial transformation and upgrading and economic continued healthy development .