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Stepping in Sanxiang

About us


Address: No.292 Jiefang Street,Shouning County, Fujian Province,China .


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CORPORATE CULTURE:   Trust-worthy Sanxiang and Dynamic Sanxiang

VISION OF THE COMPANY:   In pursuit of excellence for building a long-standing enterprise

MARKETING CONCEPT:   Promote win-win cooperation with honesty

MISSION OF THE COMPANY:  Put the people first and run the enterprise legally and honestly; continuously innovate to develop advanced materials; maximize the value in return to repay the society and promote the social progress

THE SPIRIT OF THE COMPANY:  Hardy and struggling pioneer spirit, Solidarity spirit of accumulating everyone’s strength, unrelenting spirit of hard struggle, innovation spirit of being brave in exploration

Recreational and sports activities



  Won the gold award in the chorus of Ningde “Singing Loud of the Chinese Dreams”            
A group photo of the Sanxiang representatives team attending the Seventh Sports Meet of Shouning                          
             Sanxiang blessing the Beijing Olympic Games and participating in the torch relay in support of the games
The company regularly organized the employees to travel to famous scenic spots at home and abroad                          
             Won the champion in the game of Ningde Balloon Volleyball Competition( Chairmen Mr. Xia Peng’s smash)            
Annual Spring Festival Gala Of Sanxiang                          
             Won the champion of the Seventh Tug Of War Competition in Shouning            




  Sanxiang militiamen emergent branch -- disaster rescue and relief            
Sanxiang Donated 1 Million Yuan To Ningde Municipal Charity General Association for its Founding                          
             Foreign customers participating in the donation
“College Students Scholarship” of Sanxiang was founded in 1992 to award and help those excellent and poor students                         
             Sanxiang provided internship for Ningde Normal University and Shouning No. 1 Middle School            
The Runners Association Of Sanxiang