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Stepping in Sanxiang

About us


Address: No.292 Jiefang Street,Shouning County, Fujian Province,China .

Party building

Location:Home > Stepping in Sanxiang > Party building

Brief introduction of Party branch

Party branch of Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, party members continuously grow and develop from the initial 3 people to 25 people, 15 party members with college degree , 3 people becoming Party members soon, 7 activists. In recent years, the Party branch closely focused on the goal of "Two strongest and six goodness", insisted on putting the party building work into the culture construction of the enterprise, regularly organized employee sports, tug of war, singing, speech contests, knowledge contest etc. that the workers loved, and healthy activities, lead the employees to participate in the sports events held by national, provincial, municipal and county level, with the goals of happiness, serve the society, creating the world first-class enterprise, to create a safe, environmental protection, happy Sanxiang. In 2014, the party branch also established a “activities center of Party and general public building”, further to standardize the work of Party branches and party member activity place, to build a demonstration of the construction of municipal Party committee.

The party branch always insisted on the "one Party branch one fortress, one party member one banner”, establish " vanguard party member”, through the activity of "six comparisons", namely "comparing learning, dedication, safety, quality, progress, effect", further  to play a vanguard role of party members, improve production efficiency, promote enterprise production. These party members are from various departments of the company, and play an important role in the process of production and operation, there are many people has won the "National Labor Medal", "Ningde model worker", "West-strait industry talent innovation team leading talent", "Ningde professional and technical talents" etc. two persons elected the representatives of Fujian party congress";  1 person was named "the outstanding communist party member of Fujian non-public enterprises". The Party branch has won the "Fujian  advanced grassroots party organizations", "Ningde advanced grassroots party organizations", "Ningde advanced grassroots party organizations of striving for excellence " and so on.

Facing the new situation and new tasks, with the correct leadership of the Party committee and leaders at all levels, and the importance and support of the board, with the joint efforts of all party members, party branch will bring into play the vanguard and exemplary role, to make "Two strongest and six goodness" of non-public enterprise, Party branch will make greater contribution and write a new chapter.


2012.4.24 Member of Party branch participate in Nanyang fire skills contest

2012.9.4 Head of Ningde Organization Department, Mr.Chen and his parties visit Sanxiang for guidance

2013.9 The company party branch organized rafting

2013.11 Party branch formed the youth shock brigade

2014.4.20 Party branch invited fire fighters to guide the skill on the spot

2014.4.22 Training course of Shouning county non-public and society & party organization

2014.4.22 Meeting to promote the demonstration work, Ye chief engineer manage, Secretary Ye linsheng guide

2014.12.11 Headmaster of Provincial party school, administration institute – Chen xiong and his parities visit Sanxiang for guidance

2014.12.16 Ningde vice chairman of the cppcc – Huang jiasheng and his parities visit Sanxiang for guidance

2015.1.7 Fujian Standing Committee, head of organization department- Jiang xinzhi and his parties visit Sanxiang for guidance

2015.6.9 Ningde party building work checking and evaluating team come to Sanxiang

2015.7.2 Welcoming July 1st, Party branch organized voluntary labor

2015.8.6 Ningde party building surveying team inspect Sanxiang

2015.11.20 Secretary of Ningde party working committee- Wang Chingqing and his parties(about 40 people) visit Sanxiang

2015.12.22 Headman of Party building checking and evaluating team-Huang Jinrong (Vice Minister of the Organization Department of Zhouning county, Secretary of non-public enterprises) come to Sanxiang to develop non-public party building checking and evaluating work

2016.1.9 Sanxiang party branch condole the needy workers before Chinese New Year

2016.2.18 Minister of Fujian party committee organization department-Wang ning and his parties visit Sanxiang for inspection and survey

2016.3.5 Sanxiang Party branch organized environmental protection in East area of Shouning county

2016.9.30 Sanxiang party branch organized party members and activists to carry out learning in Xiadang Village 1

2016.9.10 Sanxiang party branch organized party members and activists to carry out learning in Xiadang Village 2

2016.10.9 Shouning Organization Department-Lei Chunxiong and his parties visit Sanxiang for guidance

2016.12.7 Receiving and becoming a full member Meeting of members preparing to join the Party of Sanxiang party branch