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Stock Name: Sanxiang Advanced MaterialsStock Code: 603663Email | OA 中文 ENGLISH

Stepping in Sanxiang

About us


Address: No.292 Jiefang Street,Shouning County, Fujian Province,China .

Company introduction

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Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., changed its name from “Fujian Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.” to “Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.” in March 2012, “Fujian Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.” was established in 1991.it is high-tech enterprises.

For more than 20 years, Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd have insisted on energy saving and environmental protection of green management concept, and conducting legal and honest operations, and focusing on research and development, production and sales of advanced materials. Its main products cover three major series of fused zirconia, cast modified materials and single crystal fused aluminum and extend to over 100 kinds of products. They are widely applied in the sectors like aerospace, military refractory and abrasive materials, ceramic and glaze materials, nuclear grade zirconia materials, advanced ceramics, cast, high-end abrasives materials and tools etc., our business scope has been spreading to over 30 countries and regions.

The company takes “Create new materials and experience a new life” as mission, focusing on the industry development and customer demand to continue research and innovation, in order to achieve the vision of “In pursuit of excellence for a long-lasting enterprise” and constant effort.

On June 20, 2016, with the approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission, Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd first A shares listed on the Shanghai stock exchange on August 1, 2016, it is the 1111st listed companies of SSE, it is Ningde first listed company in SSE, it marks the company enters into the capital market formally, inserting the wings that went to fly.